The SWell Centre

SWell Centre

awaken abundant life

spirituality & wellbeing


Spirituality and wellbeing come together in the SWell community. The SWell spiritual and holistic health and wellness centre offers a safe space for connecting, healing, belonging and becoming.

We know wellbeing emerges when you have a balance of resources to meet the challenges of daily living. We support your holistic and spiritual wellness through indivdual consultations, classes, workshops and gatherings.

SWell is like a deep well at the center of a village,
Linking people with the source of living water.
As a safe, inclusive, restorative, spiritual community,
We support holistic healing, personal growth, community
Wellbeing and awakening abundant life for global transformation.


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PHONE: +61 3 9002 4202


ADDRESS: 2 Minona Street, Hawthorn 3122